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You can get a lot of information from our website and we would be glad to answer questions in a phone call -- but, the very best way to determine if a school is a good fit for your child and family is to visit us!

We think you should see a typical school day with students engaged in their day to day activities, so we do not host an Open House.  Instead, we encourage parents to come and visit at a time that is convenient for them.  You are welcome!  And, if you want to stop by more than once, that is all right with us too.  We know you are making an important decision for your child and we want to make sure it is an informed decision.  Incidentally, we are used to children here, so if you would like to bring your prospective student along, that is also all right with us!

Separation Policy

Do you remember your first day at nursery school or kindergarten? Maybe not, but we bet you probably were nervous and excited-and a bit lonely and lost when your mom or dad left.


Even when returning to a familiar setting after summer vacation, children often feel a bit intimidated. They will have a new teacher, there are new kids in the group and maybe their special friend is gone. It's a big deal! Often parents ask us what our "policy" is regarding separation issues. Since we have many different children, we don't think one policy will work. With kids, "one size fits all" never does! 

We want to do everything we can to make your child's beginning here as happy as possible. The parent handbook is designed to fill you in on specifics. Parent orientation will also help you understand all our policies. Gradual entrance will enable the children to "ease" into school.


Before the first day of school you may want to read your child a few books with a "starting school theme". Such stories can help the child get in touch with his or her feelings about going into a new place and separating from you. Your child will also have the opportunity to talk with you about feelings or ask questions about what to expect.


It's a good idea to talk to the student about some of the fun activities that happen in school. Some children feel a little less alone and adrift in a new place if they bring along something familiar from home, such as a favorite stuffed animal, lovey or even a family photo in their school bag.


Often the car line makes it easier for children to separate, but if you choose to walk your child into school be sure not to slip out when your child isn't looking. If you do, your child will learn that you cannot be trusted. When your child is comfortable, say good-bye and once you have said it, LEAVE. Hanging around and prolonging the agony is hard on everyone. If you are leaving an upset child, stop by the office for a tissue and a hug and to let us know how best to reach you if your child can't be comforted in a reasonable time. Do your best to relax and leave it up to us-we have dealt with it before!

~ Tall Tales ~

Prov. 18, vs. 17  says "The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him." NIV

A teacher I knew years ago used to tell parents "I'll only believe half of what the children say happens at home if you'll only believe half of what they say happens at school."

It is not that the children are deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes, just that they often only see a part of something, or they only pay attention to one part.  The stories they tell can be confusing!  Before you question what they say, or get upset by a story, please give us a call for clarification.  We promise to do the same.  Some years ago a little boy confided in us that his parents had given away his sister - wishful thinking, but no relation to reality!  Another child related to his parents that an ambulance had come to school and taken away a classmate who had played with an electric wire - and we're not sure yet where that tall tale originated but there was no basis in fact.  So, as Ronald Regan said, "Trust, but verify."

Parent Participation

HLC encourages parents to participate in their child's school experience. Our classroom doors are always open for parents to come in and visit, read a book, do an art project, or just "hang out".

On the yellow child data form, if you checked that you would be available to volunteer, then you can expect to be hearing from your child's teacher. (If you want to be the one to make the initial contact about coming in to volunteer, that would be appreciated by our busy teachers.)

Parent involvement in a child's schooling is one of the best indicators of how well a child will do in school over time. Now and in the future you will need to be a part of your child's education in a way that is easily visible to your child and reinforces the values you wish to pass on.

Parents are always welcome in our classrooms. If your child is having any separation issues, you might consider waiting until these have resolved before you visit, but do remember to come in once your child is eagerly scampering in through the classroom door each day. We know that when the children only come to school for 2 1/2 hours at a time several times a week that you may need as much time as possible for "getting things done", but believe us when we tell you from experience that you soon won't believe the preschool years are over. Time flies when children are growing!


( Talking points )


Death is… What is dead?

When people die, all their body parts stop working.

They don’t feel or think anymore.

They don’t hurt. They don’t breathe in or out.

They don’t eat anymore.

They don’t go to the bathroom.

They are not sad or scared. They are dead.


Dead is NOT at all like sleeping.

When you sleep, all your parts work. You dream and you wake up in the morning.

A dead person never wakes up.

The dead person’s body will feel different, too.

The body will be cold and solid feeling.

At the funeral you may see the body you may have more questions. I’ll be there to help answer those questions.


The part of the person that laughed and lived is gone now.

What is left is just the body:

            Like a schoolhouse without any children.

            Like a peanut shell without the peanut.


Everything that lives must die at sometime.

Leaves die in the autumn and fall from the trees.

Animals live awhile and then die.

Usually people live a long, long time.

Sometimes accidents happen and people die every suddenly.

It okay to feel sad, mad or confused when people die.

More information on how to talk about death with your children