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Heritage Baptist Church 


March 2019 

Dear Parents,


Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is March the 2nd. What a wonderful author of children’s books. As you can tell here at Heritage we are huge proponents of reading books to your children. Dr. Seuss is one of our favorite authors. Continued dedicated reading can help your children in a multitude of ways:


     1. In all of the hustle and bustle of our lives—reading is a simple and enjoyable way to connect with your children. Make it a special family time to be treasured.

     2. It fosters one on one communication with your children.

     3. We are modeling behavior for our children — It shows the children how important reading is to you, the parent.

     4. Raising a child who loves to read increases their potential for academic success.

     5. Reading aids the children in language development—helping them express themselves in both verbal and written terms.

     6. It fosters creativity, curiosity and imagination.


There are so many more benefits children receive by our reading to them . A list of books that are recommended reading from the teachers are listed on the HLC website.


Happy Reading!!


Jeannie and Jenn