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March 2017

Dear Parents,


Has the grown up world left you too tired to play with your youngster?

Here are some fun family playtime ideas that will connect you with your

child and unwind after a long day:

  • Show your child what you liked to play when you were little.  For example, try jumping rope, play a card game or hide and seek.  Next, ask them to teach you a game they enjoy.
  • Step into a role.  You might each pretend to be someone else (a cashier and a customer, a zookeeper and a gorilla) while carrying on a conversation.  Encourage your child to think about what his character might sound like.
  • At bedtime, shine a flashlight on the walls, ceiling and floor.  Have your child “chase the beam with his/her own flashlight.  Then, trade roles!
  • Or find ways to enjoy this gift of an early springtime with your child and play outside!  Red Light/Green and Mother May I are so much fun!!


Jeannie and Jenn