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Our wonderful Mr. Morehead retired on September 1st from HLC after 33 years of loving and faithful service. It’s astounding to think of the many, many children that have passed through the halls of HLC that he has imparted his science knowledge to.  As he takes on a more laid-back style of life, he has assured us that he still intends to be the “hayride” driver at Fall Fun Days and bring his “touch pool” to Bay Day. He told us that these special days mean as much to him as they do to your children. He couldn’t imagine a fall or spring without seeing the students!

If you see him in the hallway be sure to give him a big hug or hand shake as you wish him the all the best on his retirement!



The Heritage Learning Center provides a non-denominational program founded on the basis of Christian beliefs and values.  The program is designed to allow each child to grow secure in the love of God.  We provide lots of play, for play is the primary way in which young children learn.  By carefully structuring the environment, we assist the children in their social, emotional, and physical development.  Children are encouraged and challenged through opportunities in art, music, math, language, science, large and small muscle development, classroom visitors, group listening and sharing time.

Children at Heritage Learning Center are provided with as much love, care and tenderness as we can possibly give.  The staff has been trained to give physical as well as verbal nurture and encouragement.  A pat on the back, hug, or kiss on a "hurt" finger are all outward expressions of our love and concern for children.

Discipline at the Heritage Learning Center is designed to encourage the development of self-control in the child.  Gentle reminders and positive reinforcements are utilized.

The Capital Gazette newspaper recently announced that Heritage Learning Center was chosen as a Finalist for the the 2017 Best Learning Center in the annual Readers' Choice Poll!  Heritage Baptist Church was also recognized as a finalist in the Best Vacation Bible School. Thanks to everyone who supported us in this.  We are thankful for such wonderful families and friends at HLC and praise God for the opportunity to work with you.

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